Warstone Lane Cemetery , Known to some local people as  Brookfields Cemetery and the Mint Cemetery.

Warstone Lane Cemetery  in the Jewellery Quarter , Hockley , Birmingham  belonged to the Church of England Cemetery Company. The Company was founded in 1845 to establish a burial ground for members of the Anglican church, following the opening of the nearby General Cemetery ( Key Hill )  in 1836  which was used predominantly by Nonconformists.

The Church of England  Cemetery Company looked for a suitable site and a piece of land on Warstone Lane occupied by a disused sand quarry was chosen with the approval of the Bishop of Worcester, in whose diocese Birmingham .     This land belonged to Colonel Howard Vyse and Sir Thomas Gooch . The Company bought the c 7ha property for £9630.
It was originally intended that land on the north side of Pitsford Street , Hockley should be reached through a tunnel but this area was sold to the Birmingham to Dudley and Wolverhampton Railway Company, whose line was opened in 1854.

In 1952  Warstone Lane Cemetery were compulsorily purchased by Birmingham City Council and closed for burial in 1982.
Warstone Lane Cemetery continues to be owned by Birmingham City Council and is managed by Birmingham City Council.