There are four VALENTINE’s buried in the Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries. In Key Hill Cemetery Henry & Ellen Valentine rest in  Section  N. Plot 365Anna Valentine rests in Section  D. Plot 42 Warstone Lane Cemetery Gerald Valentine is buried in Warstone Lane Cemetery  Section O. Plot 801

Gunner Frederick Usher

Remembering Gunner Frederick USHER 31713 Royal Field Artillery died 10 June 1920 in Aston, Birmingham. Buried in Warstone Lane Cemetery.Frederick birth is indexed in the March Quarter 1885 Birmingham. His parents were Alfred James USHER and Annie USHER nee THOMAS, formerly known as Annie SMITH and later known as Annie JARMAN.

The War Stone

The War Stone is a volcanic rock, that is believed to have been carried from Wales by glacial ice during the ice age. The War Stone was formally known as  Horenstonfeld over time this was shortened to Hoar Stone, later known as the War Stone. The War Stone was used as a  parish boundary mark where the manors of

Marie Bethell Beauclerc 1845-1897

Happy International Womens Day.Marie Bethell Beauclerc (1845–1897) 1st Female Reporter. Teacher of Pitman’s shorthand & typing in Birmingham, England. In 1888 she was the first woman to be appointed as a teacher at Rugby School.Buried Key Hill  Cemetery#InternationalWomensDay #Coffinworks#Jewelleryquater #Hockleyflyermagazine