Austin Family

This headstone in Warstone Lane Cemetery which had been buried, was recently uncovered by members of the Friends. It is located in Section S, Plot 1229. Members of the Kiernan, Ingram and Austin families are commemorated on this stone and the kerb around the plot which is also displaced.The last burials in this plot were

Constance Naden

Constance NadenThe Constance Naden Grave Appeal was also supported by the Friends. The original stone was buried and when uncovered it was discovered to be in very poor condition. Funds raised paid for a new slab which was rededicated in May 2019. Constance Naden was a pioneering Victorian thinker whose work spanned poetry, philosophy, science,

Harry Gem

The Harry Gem Project supported by the Friends and a number of other local organisations, located this buried stone and fundraised for a new memorial Рraising the original ledger slab into a chest tomb which commemorates the role of Harry Gem and his friend Augurio Perera in pioneering the game of lawn tennis. The grave